Saturday, October 22, 2011


Don't feel too jetlagged which is a plus. It is a rainy cold day here so will mostly spend it getting settled in to the house and lounging. Tomorrow, plan on doing a bit of a town tour to be ready for school monday. Might  pop into the lovely tesco to be reunited with european groceries.  Haven't been able to find a t-mobil store yet. Looks like it will be easy to navigate around the city though.. not nearly as big as I imagined it to be. .
On the events side, their presidential election is coming up in a week or two. They have had 2 women presidents over the past few years that the people really like but this years candidates are horrible and a lot of people are unsure of their vote. At the theater, they will playing on the stage "White Christmas" for the holidays so I might go with my host family to that. 
They have quite a few british shows and american shows on the tele which is great. It was interesting that they had to go out for coal for the fireplace. Amazing that they still use it.  Every Saturday is wine night as well.

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