Saturday, April 28, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures!

So I hit the streets to go garage sale shopping for my classroom with my mum this morning. I am proud to say I found some cute stuff that will be great in my classroom. Plus, I am a huge fan of neighborhood garage sales--- so much easier then finding individual ones.  Below are my finds some need some TLC but once I get them back up to beauty standards they are going to be fabulous!

1). cute metal drawers/bins
Location: Bent Tree neighborhood garage sale: hsh estate sale
Price: $1 each    
These were my first buy of the day.. well all the orange ones. I went back later for the green ones because I realized I needed them as well... too bad 2 of them had already sold but the one that was in a different room from the rest was still there so I snag it. Still need to take the white price stickers off them.
2). Glass/metal table (slash shelf) 
Location: Bent Tree neighborhood garage sale
Price: $8 
When I pulled up outside this house I knew I wanted this piece. I was kinda sad to see that it was a bit bent (which I later found out because the owner had taken a hammer to it to make the glass shelves more tight.. aka not be able to lift up). The color isn't bad so I am still debating repainting it. I need to wash it off to see what exactly I am working with.
3) Dinosaur
Location: Bent Tree neighborhood garage sale
price: $1    and  50 cents
My lovely mum actually bought this for me, it won't be a permanent fixture in the classroom but something fun to put out during our dino week.
4) Orange shelf
Location: Millstone neighborhood
price: $5
Definitely will be painting this piece. It was in a little girl's room apparently (she wrote her name in pencil on it). It caught my eye.. probably because it was orange, but I think it will be a good little shelf for keeping student supplies on and whatnot. I am thinking of painting it a teal color.. still debating though.

with my bins on them... and of course louie had to sneak into the picture.. he was extremely excited about the dino.

Total spent: $18.50!!!

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  1. Why thank you for picking up those beautiful orange bins for me! (Seriously, I want to steal them!) So jealous I missed out on all this garage sale-ing. Good finds!