Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Winding down

As the year wraps up and my room remains in shambles....
my kiddos have been quite busy.

Today we did our "tie-dye" of  shirts which we plan on wearing as our swimsuit covers tomorrow at fun day. I must say the way I do Tie-dye is the easiest ever!

You need: (based on 27 students)

1. Rubbing alcohol-- I usually get 6-7 big bottles from walmart
2. white shirts- I usually ask the students to bring in one, old or new to use. I also buy a men's hanes pack for those that can't afford or forget their shirts.
3. Sharpies-- years past I have bought sharpie brand permanent markers.. but this year I went cheaper and got the target brand ones.. which were on sale and had a cartwheel coupon on them as well!. I only got 2 of the big packs. probably should have done 3 at least. But the kiddos did okay sharing.
4. rubber bands- just one package
5. spray bottles- i usually load up at least 4 of the mini spray bottles (got those at target, and use them for science during the year).
6. hangers or chairs.

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