Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An update of my classroom crafts!

I haven't been good at putting up my new classroom decor that I have made or found but here is my update!

1. Remember that orange shelf?!?
The orange shelf that I had found in a garage sale earlier on I have now painted it to match my classroom color scheme more. I used the martha stewart paint : sunken pool paint. With the flash, in a not well lit room you can't totally tell the true color of it, but I absolutely love it!

2. My desk organizer for all my supplies!
I sifted through my scrap book paper to find patterns that I liked and fit with my scheme. I even used some of the paper from my 'read' letters to create a tie in. I bought this hardware container online at amazon since Lowe's didn't have the blue color I was looking for nor ones like this one with the different sized drawers.  I still have to do something with the open back. When I was at home depot with my mum a couple weeks ago I found some sheets of aluminum, steel, etc. that are more or less for the ceiling or other things like that but the size and shape would be a perfect fit for this. They had intricate designs as well! Plus it could make the back magnetic so I can put magnets on the back!

3.  Student clips for lunch count/attendance 
I can't decide whether I am just going to write their names on these or my other brilliant idea would be to find last years pictures and cut them out and put them on circles. The only issue would be if we have new students to the district. But I could always ask to take a picture with permission and fix that issue.  I still have to make my lunch tins that label the choices. The circles that I hot glued onto the clothes pins that I got at target were from a teacher store that was going out of business in lee's summit (they still have their lenexa store). Since they were cheap and came in a packet of 150 I figured if they start to get worn after awhile I can always make replacements easily.

4.  My solution to no bulletin boards!
I am so excited about these! I want to make two more. I found the yard sticks at home depot for 68 cents a piece.I didn't want the homedepot part to show on them just the numbers and measuring tics, so I found some contact paper that is actually cork!! (Homedepot is where I got mine, target has it too but not in a big enough roll!). This allows me to use tacks as well on the rulers! Also helps with the more natural feel I wanted to give these. The only thing that kinda makes me sad is that I can only fit 4 clothes pins on a yard stick with room for papers to hang from them. if I have 30 kiddos.. you can see the problem. So I figure if I get two more.. maybe I can just feature small groups work on these. I also still want to make cute clipboards to display work as well as the frame idea.

Now for things that I have recently purchased and love or still need to work on:

1. comfy seat cushion
As a reward for my 'VanMaele' cash incentive/behavioral system I am creating. Students can 'buy' with their VanMaele Cash this lovely cushion to help their bum not get sore on those hard seats!  I found this one at Target its kinda hard to tell because of the flash faded it out but it is really black. Which I chose since it wouldn't show as much dirt.  I want to get a colorful one and it be my birthday throne cushion for students birthdays! (might have to get a couple if more than one shares a day).

2.  Book Shelf Solution
Since I bought a spinning wire book rack for 10 dollars at a teaching supply store going out of business sell (the rack actually wasn't suppose to be on sale but I managed to get the last one before they realized that the owner didn't want to sell them! Lucky me!!) I realized that since it is a big one I might not need other shelves in my room for books. I can maximize the space as well on the rack by setting books up like I have in the picture. I also wanted to solve the problem of books falling through the wire and I discovered that this tubs fit perfectly. I found them at the dollar tree for cheap! I want to take scrap book paper and jazz them up a bit. But the nice thing is if I want to change the books out all I have to do is lift the tub out and add a new one in. I also am organizing the rack by the interest level and guided reading level of the books.

3.Leveling Books
I have almost completely labelled all the books I have. Obviously some are too young or too old but now they are all labeled so I know for future reference. I color coded the books with the stickers in the right corner by interest level (as well as wrote the grade interest level  ... note the #) and then the guided reading level (note the alphabet letter).

4. Genre Stickers
Since I am lucky to have a mum that works at the library she was able to get me some of these genre stickers that were rejected either because of unevenness of the ink or position of the image on the sticker. I have already labeled the genre on most my books with these guys!

5.  Map of the  States teaching tool
Love these! Found them at U.S. Toy.. which is a store that is so overwhelming with fun teacher stuff. I loved that these are already three -holed punched. On the back side of them is a map with the capitals marked. 

6. Writer's Bloc Solution
I must recommend this to any teacher out there! I am in love with this! It helps students who are stuck on what they should write about for a story. It allows for some pretty silly stories to be told. They also have ones for poetry and other genres. Definitely want to get the whole set for my writing center. 

7. Map
 I bought a map poster that you can punch the pieces out and put together originally because this is the size that I need for my magnet idea. I wanted to cut each state out laminate it and then add magnets to the back and be able to place it on my board. Although This map which I realized when I got it home is broken up by region, Which I kinda like because its a different take on a map then those I have seen out and about. So my question is do i laminate the regions and not cut each state out? I am thinking maybe so and then just get another one that I could cut the individual states out of. Win Win.  I bought this map at U.S. Toy for reference. 

Now that I am a free woman this summer I am having more time to complete my classroom stuff but apparently I am not very good about updating this to share with you all.  My next challenge is to work on my class rule cards.. I am going to try my hand at graphic designing  as well on working on my brain breaks bucket. 

Until then, enjoy a relaxing afternoon!

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