Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Setting Up My Classroom!

So Far I have gotten a good start to decorating.. but still have quite a lot to do!

Welcome!-- my apple door-- I know it looks kinda chaotic but I needed something in which the kids could see their names for back to school night so they knew they were entering into the right room.  I will most likely change it as the year goes.

Looking in:

I am going to put some louie pictures on the front of my desk as his tribute... he still thinks the desk by mine is his and not the safe seat.


Still lots of work on my back wall:

My MU  shrine.... have to combat the chickenhawk decor across the hall... 

 Still have to buy a low bookcase for underneath my calendar for  my non-fiction and for a little space for assignment turn in.

My handing rule cards worked perfect! Still need to print off each kiddos picture to put in the apples.  I also need to figure out where I am going to list our daily schedule.. probably over on the sink cabinets so it doesn't get jumbled... I also need to get 2 more rulers from home depot so I can make the rest of my student work holders for under the whiteboard. 

My Corner... Still have a lot of work to do on my file cabinet, and desk.

Slowly getting there... found a 25 dollar desk for my computer to make a little research area for students plus the computer there makes it easy to hook up to the other electronics. Above the computer on the wall are "postcards" front and back from places around the world and they give information about the famous landmarks in the location in a way that is friendly and not just facts... love it!.. Still need to buy little drawer storage for the desk and get a rug for my reading area.

Still need to find a storage spot for my science tubs and scales... will need to put some sciences posters up there... on my middle island cubbies on top I am going to set some plants. I know Brittany you are probably wondering why I brought that huge cart back in... it was only because I wanted the wall space that i would have wanted to command hook the chart paper on. It works there though.  My file folders (which are owls) there on the right are their "Top Notch Work" folders.. In which the students will pick pieces of work they want to include in their portfolios or show at conference times and place it in there for keeps... Still need to make my "Top Notch Work" title.

Biggest work in progress area is my writing center area... still need a table for it . I have 8 square cork boards that I am going to put on the wall.. may just use 6. But each one is for a different type of writing and then I am going to place an example at each one... throughout the year I will be able to use student examples!

Another area to work on is my sink area... still need to get a little mirror for over the sink and like I said above make my daily schedule on the cabinet door perhaps. 

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