Thursday, December 8, 2011

Field trip update

1. The dad that came in who works for Electric Ireland put on a fantastic presentation about energy, electricity, and numbers for the students... he didn't get to finish it all but will be coming back in some other time to finish it up.

2. the musical- it was great to see so many different schools there to watch the performance. Everyone was even given a snack during intermission from the secondary school.  It was kind of hard to follow but the music was good-- can't go wrong with Queen. Although, there was some swearing in the play that was not exactly school appropriate, but the kids didn't react to it so that was good.

3. We have been practicing for the carol service-- their christmas play. The students have done an excellant job in acting their roles. Quite sad I am barely going to miss their performance... It takes place Monday night, the 19th.

4. Tomorrow we are going to the ASPCA with the kids to talk about animal cruelty and the responsibilities of being a pet owner. I am quite pumped because I love animals. The kids already asked Mr. Malseed if they could adopt one of the animals as a class pet. (The response was no to that if you were wondering).

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