Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Field Trips Galore!

Even with funding cuts and a strict budgets Irish schools seem to find the ways to still give students great experiences through educational field trips. Tomorrow, one of my students father is coming in to do a workshop with the kids over Energy. He works at Electric Ireland so should be great. After that we are walking to Newpark school in Blackrock, a ways down the road, to see them perform  their musical We Will Rock You Then we will return to school and the day will be finished! On Friday we are going to DSPCA, which is an animal rescue place. The students will get a tour and learn about how they care for animals and wildlife, and the responsibilities that come with a pet. Looking at their website they have some cute residents. 

On another note, the Christmas tree is up in the classroom and we are doing a Kris Kringle gift exchange next week. Definitely wouldn't experience such a thing in public schools back home. It was funny the other day in the teacher's lounge they started talking about how in the states we have division between church and state. Most the teachers couldn't believe it and had questions about what all we could do in schools and what we couldn't in regards to religious holidays. When I told them how Wal-mart called their Christmas trees 'Holiday Trees'  they all couldn't believe it.

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