Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last Week

I hope to get pictures up soon of the snow flake project that I did with the kids for art the other day. I found a more complex way of making snowflakes to give them more of a challenge. When I started in on the lesson with them I ask them if anyone could tell me how snowflakes formed and did a little science background with them. As I walked them through the steps and the diagram I drew on the board I was a little worried that it was too complicated for them. However, they proved me wrong and their snowflakes look fabulous!

Their lighthouses for young scientist look amazing as well, I will try to take some pictures to put up here to show you guys. They are wiring them at the moment.

The students are also working on a presentation in their junior achievement groups. They got invited to the BT headquarters in Ireland to present their findings on the environment and renewable energy to staff there. I am sad that I wouldn't get to see it!

Don't forget you can always see what we are up to on the school site. Click here to see some pictures from our science projects over the past few weeks

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