Monday, November 7, 2011

Back in Session

Today, things got back on track from our holiday break. I got to teach English today to the students. We did a lesson on adverbs and I got to show them the schoolhouse rock for adverbs. They had never heard of schoolhouse rock so it was cool that I got to introduce them to a classic. I started my lesson off with that and then went into taking adjectives and adding 'ly' to turn them into adverbs (simple stuff). I then progressed them to complete a challenge in which they were given a sentence in their work book with some highlighted words that they had to change into an adverb. i.e. My auntie comes to visit us once and awhile.  The answer would be: My auntie comes to visit us occasionally. There were a couple problems were they had to change the adjective ending to make it 'ly' so that was a challenge. I am doing another English based lesson tomorrow over comprehension of a short story we will read in class together.
One of the English workbooks they use is this (click here)

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