Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Still getting the hang of it....

Above are pictures of my classroom.. I will try to get some pictures up of some of the projects we have been working on.. in the window sill you can see pringle cans on boards with chickent wire.. this was at the start of our light house project for young scientist.

It has been quite the overall switch from my time at Merrill to here. I have learned quite a lot in this new setting as well. One thing that is difficult to work around is that the students have homework limits so that they only get a certain amount of time's worth of work so that "parents don't complain", and Friday they don't assign any homework at all. Some of the things I want them to complete at home they can't due to the amount of time they need for other hw in Irish, history, or whatever it is that I myself didn't assign. So some of my stuff gets pushed to the side, I have been trying to make my lessons have time for them to work on things that I normally would have assigned as homework. What this all makes me think of is the old debate of whether hw is important enough to have still a part of school.  I definitely think homework has its place in schools as long as it is meaningful to the students and within reason. But what it further makes me reflect on is the question of am I asking too much of the students? Am I giving them too much homework?'

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