Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Staff Meeting!

Had a staff meeting Monday after school for an update on quite a few upcoming and important things happening at the school:
  1. Christmas fair- What craft is each class responsible for. Dec. 3rd is the date set, so just right around the corner.
  2. Night school is coming back, although the computer lab has to have serious upgrades for this to be permenant.
  3. Workbooks- talked to company, will be offered reduced price on old versions next year. Still trying to  decide what will be done since this new verison is not that great.
  4. ground works.
  5. Special Ed strategies
  6. Behavioural Management strategies- focus on challenging behaviours. Research has shown students need to be sitting face on with teacher and no group seating. (The research wasn't cited in the meeting- but i would like to find out where she got that information. Would be interesting to look at).
  7. Math educational strategies- 40% of Irish people have trouble with general, everyday math.
  8. Dyslexia- focus on
  9. And finally one of big discussion makers: In December 1,500 teachers will lose their jobs (financial cuts- obviously this is not just focused in my school this is the country-- well republic of Ireland at least). Furthermore, class sizes will be increased. Already class sizes are in the high twenties and low 30's.  There is going to be a big march in Dublin coming up  in a week or two as well as a flash mob on o'Connolly street (which is a very, very busy street) to bring attention to the issue.

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