Thursday, November 10, 2011

Update for this week!

  • Teaching English (Creative Writing) tomorrow- going to work with the students on run-on sentences, adverbs, adjectives, punctuation, and concise writing. I am excited to see what they come up with! They are a very creative bunch. When grading their last creative writing assignment I was very impressed! (not to mention, I am still amazed at the wonderful handwriting! I think this is something that U.S. schools could use more of in their curriculum. Due to the limited amount of time in a day it seems like handwriting has kind of gone to the wayside. Cursive has already gotten the axe in a lot of schools. Being able to write legible is something worth while!)
  • In science the students will be working with potato and lemon batteries. The big upcoming project though is construction of lighthouses! They have to make a battery to run the light in their lighthouses and construct the whole structure itself.. complete with rocky landscape surround the lighthouse.
  • Today the whole school gathered for the send off of Christmas boxes to charity. The students could bring in over the week a wrapped box with items for either a boy or girl for Christmas. A Dublin single decker bus came to the school to pick the boxes up. It was fun to see all the infants extremely excited to see the bus. Overall they collect around 160 boxes! way to go Kill!
  • The students had Spanish today and it was great to be able to help out some of the struggling students with the vocab! (Thank you LSN and IB for forcing me to take Spanish!)
  • They also had cycle training for P.E. Monday. Only 2 of the kiddos didn't know how to ride but they were persistent in trying. One pretty much had it down by the end of the session, although braking and more controlled steering is a thing we will be working on. No injuries though! (few close wall encounters and almost head on crash with another bike but crisis adverted)
  • It is such a great experience to see how a classroom teacher can take on all the extracurricular areas (music, p.e., and art). 

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