Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday's lessons

I continued creative writing from the previous week the students. Since they were having issues with mechanics I decided to really break it down and start from the beginning with them. I introduced the 5 step process to them and basically let them do a creative writing piece following the steps. We picked up on Friday with the proofreading/editing bit.  I wanted them to not only get in the habit of proofreading their own work but seeing the importance of it. I also wanted them to do some peer editing. I found a nice checklist that suited for both types of editing and went over it with the kids. I was kind of shocked when Mr. Malseed said they had never done peer editing before. Whoa! He seemed to like it and might perhaps use it once I leave. On Monday I plan on having them finish up editing and writing their final draft and submit that to me. I haven't decided if I want them to publish it on a nice piece of paper and then display these in the room. I think the amount of errors in the writing is going to be significantly less then what I have been finding. I am also hoping that the class goal of having perfect punctuation happens! (cross my fingers)

oh and did i mention we can't assign the students homework on Friday!!!!
-management wise: I kind of feel at a loss to what other strategies to use. I know that management has always been something for me to improve upon in but these students are really stumping me. I notice it is not just with me but the main classroom teacher as well that the students misbehave for. They are a chatty bunch. To get them back on track or to squelch any side conversations seems almost impossible some days. They get bold and will keep on talking even after I have said their name, given the warning of extra homework, and tried multiple other ways of correcting the behavior. I have tried clapping, raised voice, waiting, etc. and nothing has worked. They don't really have a time out place. If i see a student with repeated issues I usually just sit him/her out of the activity.  I think part of it is that they did not have a firm management style from the beginning so when I entered the picture not only was that a factor but they know that I am not from here so they try to take advantage of that as well.  It is a bit frustrating but I am  definitely learning things from the situation.

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