Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Apparently my last post didn't actually post and is not in any of the drafts... but here is my weekly update:
  1. Been teaching more regularly now. Which is great! I love being able to introduce the students to my style of teaching mixed in with theirs.
  2. I have just started a unit on Length (metric system) with them in math. Thinking about everything in metric units does make me pause. The kids also corrected me right away when i wrote on the board "meter" because they spell it "metre".  I first introduced lengths to them by asking them what system of measurement do they use in ireland (metric system). I also asked them if anyone knew the name of the system that we use in the united states (English System)  none of them knew but that was ok. I gave a brief history on the system and why the states have a different one. I then progressed into the lesson with having them list the names of metric units from the basic meter. I wrote them down on the smartboard as we went.  We then went over prefixes of the units and how each related to the meter.  We then dived directly into conversion of mm to cm and vice versa. The students caught on to this immediately. Class then had a break. Later in the afternoon we returned back to math. I discussed with them the tools we use to measure length.. a trundle wheel, a ruler, a metre stick, and a tape measure.  I had the kids tell me what kind of situation would be appropriate for each tool.  I then did a quick review over the names of the units. Progressing on, I told them we were going to have a scavenger hunt. I had them get out their math copy books and a pencil and to make the chart I was making on the smartboard with me to record their data in. Once I had that complete I explained that in the scavenger hunt they would be in pairs. One student would draw a card (which i had made) and read what the measurement was on it and record it (i.e. 5 cm). The same person would then have to look around the classroom for an object that they thought was the same length and record what it was in the chart.  The second person then would check their partner's answer by measuring it using the appropriate measuring tool. They were expected to write down the actual measurement. Last part of the chart was that they had to find the difference between the actual length and the length that they were looking for and record it. In the end once all the cards had been used they had to find the average (many of them had to convert cm-mm or mm-cm for this to work.  They did great with measuring the objects they chose and using the correct tools. I did have a student though who was way off task after multiple attempts of me to get him back on track. He was not working with his partner he chose and was instead distracting other groups. I had to take him aside and talk with him about my expectations and directions for the activity. I am not the only one who has been having difficulties with this particular student behavior wise. My mentor and the resource teacher have been constantly having issues with him as well. I have tried multiple approaches and none have worked. Contact was made today with his family and I am researching more behavioral management ideas and approaches to try to use with him.  
  3. Dec. 9th I get to go on another field trip with the kids to the animal shelter up by the mountains. Should be a really great trip!

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